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Magnetic Business Cards

Attract Clients and Customers

  • Promote yourself with magnetic business cards
  • Design business card magnets in minutes
  • Choose from new quantities and more affordable prices


Magnetic Business Cards

Starting at just $18.00 for 25 magnets

Make your brand stick
Business cards are, by far, one of the least expensive and most popular advertising products. One way to ensure that your business card stays front and center is with business card magnets!

Custom magnetic business cards can be personalized just like regular business cards, but they can also stick to metal surfaces for all to see. Branded fridge magnets make it easy for your customers to find your number and call you for services or to reorder your product.

Info that Sticks

Business magnets reinforce your brand

Customize and order business card magnets for your small business and professional needs. These small fridge magnets are great for displaying on a kitchen appliance, filing cabinet, truck dashboard — any metal surface. It's the perfect way to help customers remember your brand and create repeat business. Plus, the price is right on these affordable business card magnets. 

Restaurants, utility companies, home services companies, they all know the value of a professional-looking, high-quality promotional magnet. Take their cue and order yours today. If you have a brick and mortar store or you'll be attending a live event, you can hand your business card magnets out in person. Of course, you can always mail them to existing customers or buy a prospective customer list.

You might consider trading favors with another local small business whose products or services complement your own. They can distribute your magnetic business cards to their customers and you can do the same at your company.

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