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September 20 2018
nice product, but difficult design-production & some other issues

I've used 123Print for years, but the design-process has somehow become less capable/functional! Frustrating. (many simple things I tried to do could no longer be done, including using trademark symbol, or even centering my text in the space)... and the help/chat person tho' very supportive/caring, was not able to do these things either (he told me then to write a special request to the printers to do these things for me before printing; but I had to order/pay first in order to submit these basic design requests). Not sure why the self-design program has become less functional. The final product was pretty nice, but the top edge of all my cards has a white band I need to cut off (like the paper-cutting wasn't perfectly on target). So... a bit disappointed w/ this experience compared to previous years, but still a nice final product (aside from the white-band-at-top-edge). Hope they can get their program a little more up-to-date/functional/user-friendly! (as I do like their card quality & image options).

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Thank you for your recent review. We're sorry to hear that you experienced some design-process issues. A customer service rep will be contacting you in regards to these issues, or, you may contact our customer service team at 800.877.5147 to discuss your site experience and product issues. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with his/her product. Thank you, 123Print.

5  out of  5
March 29 2017
lovely product, & semi-easy design process

The product is lovely & nice quality, and the online help/chat is great. However, I found some difficulties with the "design" process, where seemingly-simple adjustments were unable or difficult to make happen (I had to "chat" several times and ask them to help, or do it for me). Also, after many questions and adjustments the first round, the "help/chat" mentioned I shouldn't be using firefox~ might be good to have that info on the website, to save everyone a few hours. Otherwise, beautiful product, great service, and nice discounts on re-orders!