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Custom Magnets

  • Add branding and logos
  • Full color available
  • Free uploads

Starting at just $17.95 for 20 magnets

Magnetic Business Cards
Make your brand stick
Business cards are, by far, one of the least expensive and most popular advertising products. One way to ensure that your business card stays front and center is with business card magnets!

Custom magnetic business cards can be personalized just like regular business cards, but they can also stick to metal surfaces for all to see. Branded fridge magnets make it easy for your customers to find your number and call you for services or to reorder your product.

Starting at just $32.95 for 20 magnets

Magnets Promo
Premium Magnets

Promote upcoming events, auctions, galas, and sales with our affordable promo magnets!

Starting at just $23.95 for 2 magnets

Magnetic car signs
Magnetic Business Signs
In addition to business card magnets, why not consider full color, personalized auto magnets? LIke their metal-friendly business card cousins, car and truck magnets are fully customizable. You can choose from hundreds of professional designs or upload a photo, logo or design for free.

Starting at just $14.95 for 10 magnets

Calendar Magnets
This date will stick with you

Keep track of your monthly tasks with our reliable
calendar magnets!

Make Your Business Stick

Items to market your business with are not difficult to come by. Many times, these items may get stored away, shoved into a pocket, find their way to the bottom of a disorganized bag, or simply get thrown away. Not with magnets though! At 123Print, we offer various types of custom magnets for all of your promotional needs.

For example, completely recreate your magnetic business cards in small, medium or large form that can be read from a distance, or simplify the design and messaging to make your contact information even easier to read when you're in your vehicle and on the go.