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Rack Cards

Rack Card Printing at its Finest!

  • Include special promotions
  • Display your brand
  • Several Templates to choose from

Rack Cards

Starting at just $24.95 for 100 rack cards

Increase your sales

These 3.5 x 8.5-inch promotional marketing pieces are perfect for point-of-purchase displays at convenience stores, restaurants, hotels and anywhere people are looking for more information they can easily take with them.

Custom rack cards grab attention with eye-catching graphics and bold headlines. They are a handy way to communicate the benefits and features of your products and services and are perfect for listing your prices. Opt to use the back if you need more room to share your message.

Always include your logo, phone number and website on your rack cards. While that may sound obvious, far too many businesses and organizations forget this indisputable piece of advice. By including contact information on every single flyer, people who take away your rack cards will be able to easily find your important info to follow up and make a purchase when they're ready.


Rack cards are UV gloss coated on the front side only, matte finish on the back side.


Rack Card Holder

Starting at just $15.95 for 1 holder

Help your promotions stand out

These contemporary acrylic display stands are just what you need to present your rack cards, brochures or other tall, narrow advertising materials in style.

The crystal-clear design gives customers the full view of your marketing message and striking graphics. Measuring 7.25-inches high, 4.25-inches wide and 3 inches deep, it will comfortably house up to 4 x 9-inch printed materials, helping to keep them from curling, drooping or otherwise looking messy.

The sturdy base helps ensure that the rack card holder won’t get knocked over as customers remove the information. At three inches deep, this single-pocketed countertop rack card or brochure holder display will hold approximately 100 rack cards and 40 brochures so you don’t have to continuously restock it each morning.

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