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Starting at just $48.95 each

Custom Self-Inking 2000 PLUS® Daters
The ink pad is built right into the stamp ... just press & print! This stamp's replaceable ink pad will last up to 5,000 impressions before a replacement is needed. Perfect for fast, repetitive stamping. Choose between Economy and Heavy Duty self-inking plastic dater stamps. Both include 5-year date bands.

Starting at just $26.00 each

Pre-inked and Earth-friendly Xstamper®
Pre-inked Xstamper stamps are green, both in color and in environmental impact. Each stamp is made using over 50% recycled materials and features a water-based ink, making Xstampers a truly environmentally-friendly stamp option. These stamps can be customized with between four and seven lines of text.
Pre-inked stamping with precision ACCU-STAMP®
ACCU-STAMP® Stamps are pre-inked so they will create up to 20,000 crisp, clear imprints before you need to re-ink your stamp. Stamps are available with up to 11 lines of text.

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Starting at just $6.00 each

Pre-inked replacement ink or Self-inking replacement pads
After your tens of thousands of clear imprints, you can refill your pre-inked stamps using these handy water-based ink replacement bottles for the Xstamper® and Accu-Stamp® brands of stamps. A very economical option to ensure that you get the maximum use out of your N40, N12 and N18 Xstamper® or the AP60, AP45 and AP50 ACCU-STAMP®.

Extend the life of your custom self-inking stamp with replacement ink pads for the P20, P40, P50, P60 and R45 2000 PLUS® stamps.

All of our ink and replacement pads are available in your choice of black, red, blue, green or violet.

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Personalized Rubber Stamps:

Easy-To-Use and Convenient
Our personalized rubber stamps can be customized with your own logo, image and text. Most of our stamps are available in five brilliant colors, Black, Red, Blue, Green or Violet making these custom stamps perfect for a wide variety of uses.

Our pre-inked rubber stamps can be used for up to 20,000 impressions, and our self-inking stamps are good for up to 5000 impressions before needing re-inking or pad replacement. And when it's time to re-ink your stamp we have what you need. Our replacement ink and ink pads are a must. They are available in all five colors, and will extend the life of your stamp which makes these a green choice for your business or personal use.

Starting at just $20.00 each

Self-inking, press-and-print easy 2000 PLUS® stamp
2000 PLUS® stamps are self-inking, creating a clear image with every use. They feature an internal ink pad for less mess, and can be used up to 5,000 times before needing a new pad. Self-inking stamps can feature between 3 and 7 lines of text. Round self-inking stamps are also available, perfect for monograms or official seals.

Starting at just $9.95 each

Create Loyal Customers
Stock loyalty card stamps are tailor-made for stamping your customers’ card, and they are priced affordably so you can have one waiting at every cash register. Four different designs are available: Smiley face, “OK”, “X” and Star.