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Wedding Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations

  • Invitations For Eternity
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Surprisingly affordable

Designs for your Invites

Starting at just $40.00 for 25 invitations

Create the perfect wedding invitation

Wedding invitations might just be the most important article in your wedding line, as they confirm the details of the day you've been waiting for your whole life. This is also the moment when everyone finally sees the colors, and overall motif of your wedding.

Customize your invitations with your names, date and time of the ceremony, and where it will be held. Also, making a guest list prior to ordering your wedding invitations is a must, so you don't under-order or over-order too many.

All of your other wedding materials will center around the invitation, so make sure to pick one that represents you and your taste. At 123Print, our affordable wedding invitations will turn heads and get people excited to attend the one day that is all about you!

RSVP Cards

Starting at just $22.50 for 25 rsvp cards

Encourage guests to RSVP

R.S.V.P. cards help you plan the details. French for “répondez, s'il vous plaît," it simply means, "please reply." Getting your guests to respond will help you plan the menu and order enough wedding cake, place cards and all the other reception items. When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, the firmer your head count, the less money you'll waste.

Customizing a matching R.S.V.P. card puts the finishing touch on your wedding invitation. Pre-printing the return envelope with your address and adding a stamp makes it easy for your guests to reply in a timely manner. And the sooner you know your guest count, the sooner you can finalize your food and drink order.

RSVP cards are available in seasonal designs as well as your choice of bohemian, casual, classic, glamorous or modern design style. Exactly match your invitation or coordinate with something similar yet unique. It’s up to you.

Paper Options

Stand out with the right paper

Classic Matte Paper – Favored by a number of brides with its smooth finish and bright, white color. Made of recycled content, it’s also a green option.

UltraThick Matte Paper – The look and touch of this sumptuous paper provides an elegant experience for your guests. Perfect for a modern-, classic- or traditional-themed wedding.

Pearl Shimmer Paper – Guests will know they’re invited to an occasion that’s extra special. Modern and glamorous brides will take a shine to this shimmering invitation paper.

Textured Linen Paper – Often used for events that feature a classic, modern or bohemian design. This paper features a woven texture giving it a unique, touchable surface and style.

wedding invitation wording samples

Many brides and grooms wonder about the correct wording for a wedding invitation and the answer is that there really is no answer. Generally the first thing to consider when you are figuring out your wedding invitation wording is who the invite is coming from. In most cases the different commonly accepted wedding invitation formats are based on whether it is the bride and groom or their families who are hosting the celebration. Then, depending on who exactly is extending the invitation there are different wording formats to start with. Keep in mind, however, that any wedding invitation wording samples are just that – a sample – and a starting point for your own creativity. The wording you ultimately choose should be as much an expression of you as the wedding invitations themselves and can certainly go beyond what is included in samples you may find including the use of quotations or other verses that mean something to you as a couple! 

Below are several wedding invitation wording examples, based on whom the invitation is coming from, to help you get started.



Formal Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding Invitations Example


Sample Wedding Wording for your Invitations


Unique Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding Announcement Wording