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Wedding Invitations

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wedding invitation wording samples

Many brides and grooms wonder about the correct wording for a wedding invitation and the answer is that there really is no answer. Generally the first thing to consider when you are figuring out your wedding invitation wording is who the invite is coming from. In most cases the different commonly accepted wedding invitation formats are based on whether it is the bride and groom or their families who are hosting the celebration. Then, depending on who exactly is extending the invitation there are different wording formats to start with. Keep in mind, however, that any wedding invitation wording samples are just that – a sample – and a starting point for your own creativity. The wording you ultimately choose should be as much an expression of you as the wedding invitations themselves and can certainly go beyond what is included in samples you may find including the use of quotations or other verses that mean something to you as a couple! 

Below are several wedding invitation wording examples, based on whom the invitation is coming from, to help you get started.



Formal Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding Invitations Example


Sample Wedding Wording for your Invitations


Unique Wedding Invitation Wording


Wedding Announcement Wording