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Silver Chocolate Coins

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Gold Chocolate Coins

Starting At: $0.36


Silver Chocolate Squares

Starting At: $0.30


Custom Mint Tins

Starting At: $1.85


Full Color Chocolate Squares

Starting At: $0.30


Gold Chocolate Squares

Starting At: $0.30


Chocolate Hearts Box

Starting At: $15.50


Small Gourmet Candy Box

Starting At: $8.50


32PC Sea Salt Caramel Box

Starting At: $38.50


Large Chocolate Box

Starting At: $39.00


20PC Truffle Box

Starting At: $22.75


Medium Gourmet Box

Starting At: $10.75


Medium Chocolate Box

Starting At: $28.50


Luxe Chocolate Box

Starting At: $17.00


Small Chocolate Box

Starting At: $17.00

Personalized Candy

Choose personalized candies and corporate food gifts from 123Print for your next event. This is more than just candy, it’s personalized favors designed to help market your business and develop your relationships – professionally and personally.

You can use our custom bulk candy for all types of occasions:

  • Logo candies for business
  • Promotional food items for business
  • Personalized party favors for adults and children
  • Personalized food gift sets for family and friends
  • Personalized candy favors for wedding candy
  • Baptism favors
  • Graduation favors
  • Candy birthday gifts
  • Sweet 16 candy bars
  • Christmas candy gifts / Christmas food gift sets
  • Buffets candy to add to candy buffet containers
  • And more.

We offer custom candy and personalized food gifts that include:

  • Custom chocolate favors and custom made bars
  • Customizable candy boxes
  • Personalized chocolate wrapper / custom chocolate bar wrappers
  • Custom Mints (custom mint tins, custom mint cards, and individual mints)
  • Custom gum packs

At 123Print, you can personalize food and candy for your networking events and parties. Make custom candy bars with a custom chocolate wrapper for personalized candy bar bags. Choose from a wide selection of custom chocolates to create chocolate party favors (adult party favors and children party favors). Design personalized chocolate bar wrappers and custom chocolate boxes too!

Choose another personalized candy favor, like custom gum or custom mints; we provide plenty of inexpensive personalized gifts that you can customize with your info.

Check out the pics of candies above to choose sweet gift sets for everyone you know! Create a candy buffet or custom candy station at your wedding. Design personalized chocolates for Christmas food gift sets, holiday favors, and special occasions. Our customized candy, personalized candy wrappers, custom chocolate wrappers, and custom printed tins are the ideal way to stay memorable for clients and prospects too.

Customized Food Gifts

You can customize candy and our chocolate candies in many different ways.

Add your:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Candy logo
  • Messaging
  • Photographs
  • And more.

Our custom food gifts and food sets come in several varieties. Choose from different shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors for your candy buffets. Candy boxes include a mixed assortment of treats such as nuts, chocolate-covered nuts, truffles, personalized candy hearts, and more.

Choose from different quantities for your personalized food items, promotional food products, personalized food gifts, and buffet candies. We recommend ordering your personalized online candy in bulk for the best discount.

We provide colored candy packaging, personalized chocolate wrappers, and customized candy wrappers for your choco favors, candy, and food gift sets with options that include:

  • Black candy packaging
  • Silver candy packaging
  • Gold candy packaging
  • Red candy packaging

You can also add full-color logos and messaging to create logo candy packaging or a custom candy wrapper in whatever color you wish.


  • Blue candy packaging
  • Yellow candy packaging
  • Purple candy packaging
  • And more.

Customized Chocolate

All custom chocolate boxes and personalized candy bars are kosher; certification is provided upon request.

Create your own chocolate bar or box (offered in dark or milk) with personalized candy bar wrappers.

Feature your name, company name, full-color logo, and message on:

  • Select custom chocolate
  • Custom candy wrappers
  • Personalized chocolate bars
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Chocolate box bands

Your personalized chocolate box comes in black, gold, or red. Custom candy bars and chocolate bar wrappers come in gold foil, silver, or white.

Choose a digital, impressed, raised, or full-color chocolate logo on:

  • Select custom chocolate bars
  • Custom chocolate coins
  • Custom chocolate boxes
  • Custom chocolate squares
  • Custom candy bar wrappers
  • Personalized chocolate pieces

Each delectable logo chocolate is professionally customized for your business or special event.

Candy with company logo and corporate chocolate gifts make the perfect marketing tools for clients and prospects. We also offer a custom chocolate bar business card holder! See examples in the pictures of candy bars and boxes above.

Add your chocolate candy name, candy logos, or company name to our custom chocolates for a great gift to family and friends too.

Custom Mints

123Print offers serval options for promotional mints and customized mints.

Custom mints include:

  • Individually wrapped peppermints
  • Individually wrapped spearmints
  • 3” x 2” mint card (personalized plastic case with mints inside)
  • Personalized mint tins (white-domed tins with peppermint micro mints)

Personalized executive gifts, including our custom mint tins, can feature:

  • Your name or company name
  • Personalized message or contact information
  • Branded mints (mints with logo)
  • Custom printed mints tins with photographs
  • Personalized candy mints with graphics

Custom logo mints and printed tins make great promo mints for your business.

Looking for your personalized mint tins wholesale? Choose personalized mints in bulk for the best discount.

Custom Gum

123Print also offers personalized gum. Choose customized gum for your next personalized candy gift order. Select sugar-free peppermint gum packs for an inexpensive personalized gift that is perfect for any occasion.

Include customizations on our promotional gum packs and personalized bubble gum.

Create branded gum with your:

  • Name
  • Full-color logo
  • Message
  • Photos

Order custom bulk gum for large corporate events; the larger the quantity, the more you save, which is why we always recommend ordering your custom gum packs in bulk for the best discount.

Personalized gum packs also make excellent party favors for dinner parties, family reunions, and friendly get-togethers.

Contact Us for Cheap Candy in Bulk

Thank you for shopping at our candy store online.

123Print hopes you enjoy all your personalized gift sets and tasty personalized candy gifts. We guarantee top quality for all your cheap custom gifts. Cheap personalized gifts in bulk are a way to save money while adding flair to any meeting or party. Make great branded party candy and food gift sets for Christmas and other holidays, as well as all of your professional events.

Have additional questions about your candy gift sets? Reach out to our helpful customer service team.

The best place to shop custom bulk candy online is at 123Print. Order your cheap personalized gifts in bulk today!


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