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Custom Horizontal Card
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Simply Basic
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Custom Vertical Card
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Solid Black
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Upward Crest
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Corporate Icon
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Hexagonal Rise
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Squeaky Clean
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Hexagonal Gold
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Flower Power
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Woven Connections
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Purple Bloom
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Tools of Painters
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Nightfall Conversation
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Zigzags & Squiggles
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Subtle Coverage
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Stylish Points
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Break Point
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Brilliant Languages
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Visible Goals
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Founder and Chief
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Primary Succulents
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Violet Petals
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Edison Inc.
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Products Per Page
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24 | 48 | 96
304 Products Total

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Horizontal business cards – the classic! The debate over vertical vs. horizontal business cards continues, and, honestly, there is no wrong choice. If you are looking for more professional or conservative business cards, choose horizontal business cards. If you are seeking more unconventional business cards, choose vertical business cards.

We offer both. You can choose from our horizontal business or vertical business card designs link to look at your portrait business card options. Landscape business cards reference the format of a longer horizontal layout for your custom business cards whereas portrait business cards have a longer vertical length and a shorter horizontal length. You can also choose square business cards. The purpose of a business card is to ideally present your company, goods, services, and contact information, so choose one that best defines you and your organization.

Design Themes

Our horizontal business card designs/templates include:

  • Seasonal
  • Floral
  • Landscapes
  • Unconventional designs
  • Professional designs
  • Patriotic
  • Industry specific
    • real estate
    • attorneys
    • painters
    • travel
    • developers
    • contractors
    • handymen
    • auto repair
    • plumbing and HVAC
    • teaching
    • doctors
    • optometrists
    • dentists
    • hair stylists
    • nails and salons
    • maid services
    • landscapers
    • pet services
    • pool services
    • therapy
    • psychology
    • financial
    • fashion
    • managerial

Design Your Own

Looking for where to design business cards? You can do it here with any of our customizable business card templates or you can choose our blank create-your-own business card template and our easy-to-use customization tools. Start from scratch and design your own!

You can create business cards with all sorts of information including your:

  • Email
  • Social handles
  • Website
  • Clever tagline
  • Goods and services
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Photographs

Two-Sided Printing

Once you finish your front of business card design you can move onto your back of design card design, as we offer two-sided printing for almost all of our horizontal business cards. With a business card front and back you have double the opportunities to catch your prospects eyes with striking colors and designs for your company.

What to put on the back of a business card?

On the back, add a photo, a discount, or a clever marketing trick. We’ve seen optometrists add eye charts, caterers add recipes, bar and restaurant owners add a coupon for one free drink. Be creative. You can do anything!

Horizontal Business Card Sizes

Our horizontal business card sizes include:

  • Standard: Horz. 3 1/2” x 2”
  • Rounded mini: Horz. 2 3/4” x 1 1/8”
  • Rounded standard: Horz. 3 1/2” x 2”

Paper Types

You can also choose from several different horizontal business card paper types including:

  • 130 lb. recycled white
  • 100 lb. recycled brown kraft
  • 14 pt. uncoated matte
  • 14 pt. UV high-gloss
  • 110 lb. textured linen
  • 16 pt. uncoated matte
  • 16 pt. UV high-gloss
  • 150 lb. premium satin finish
  • 32 pt. ultra thick matte

Business Card Prices

We have high-end business card designs as well as discount business cards. Our business card prices are competitive no matter what bracket you choose. You don’t have to buy expensive business cards to guarantee quality; you just have to shop at 123Print.

While cheap business cards can sometimes lead to below-standard printing and durability, we offer discount horizontal business cards made with only the highest-quality materials and rich color printing. Our inexpensive custom business cards are designed with the utmost care.

The more horizontal business cards you order for your organization, the lower our prices become. If you are looking for wholesale prices, we suggest increasing your quantity on all business card orders for the best discount. See pricing for all possible product variations on our create-you-own template page


Free Samples

We offer a sample kit to help you make your decisions about paper stock, size, and features, e.g. rounded corners.

Why Choose Business Card Printing at 123Print?

123Print guarantees fair pricing, the highest-grade materials, and first-class printing on all of our custom horizontal business cards. We also pride ourselves on having one of the best customer service teams in the industry.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Horizontal Business Cards?

It takes about 24 hours from the time you order to print your horizontal business cards. Shipping usually takes up to three business days after your product(s) is (are) printed. For more information on delivery times, click here.