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Custom 4x6 Post-It® Notes

Starting At: $4.31


Missed Connections

Starting At: $4.31


Custom 3x3 Post-it® Notes

Starting At: $4.10


I Heart Deliveries

Starting At: $7.59


Custom 4x3 Post-It® Notes

Starting At: $4.31


Blue Missed Connections

Starting At: $4.31


Thank You Post-It Note

Starting At: $4.10


Green Missed Connections

Starting At: $4.31


Custom 10x6 Post-It® Notes

Starting At: $14.58


Custom 3.5x2 Post it Notes

Starting At: $3.73


Circled Black

Starting At: $4.31


You're Awesome Post-It

Starting At: $4.10


Green Note

Starting At: $4.31


Blue Note

Starting At: $4.31


Orange Missed Connections

Starting At: $4.31


Excellent Post-it Note

Starting At: $4.10


Thank You Magenta Post-it

Starting At: $4.10


Great Job Post-it Note

Starting At: $4.10


Thumbs Up Post-it

Starting At: $4.10


Conquer The Day Post-it

Starting At: $7.59


Amazing Post-it Note

Starting At: $4.10

Custom Post-It® Notes

Choose our custom sticky notes and promotional Post-it Notes. Great for creating:

Custom printed Post-it Notes will add a professional flair to employee reminders, project management tasks, and to-do lists.

Include your contact information, company name, logo, industry theme, unique colors, and even photographs on your custom Post-it Notes.

You can create custom sticky pads for yourself or to send as gifts. Your friends and family will enjoy seeing personalized Post-it Notes with their name, favorite colors, and themes.  Create custom sticky notepads that fit every personality!

Extreme Post-It® Notes

We also offer Extreme Post-it Notes. Extreme Post-it Notes are the strongest Post-it Notes on the market. Our 3M Extreme Products are weather-resistant, making them great for indoor and outdoor use! Our 3M Post-it Extreme Notes come with a gloss coating and super adhesive back that sticks to brick, plaster, metal, wood, and other surfaces that can be tough for regular Post-it Notes. Extreme Post-it Notes are perfect for construction sites, demolition projects, homebuilding, outdoor advertising, renovations, and more. They remove easily without being harmful to your surfaces, and because our Extreme Sticky Notes paper is so strong, you can stick, peel, and stick again!

Choosing Your Post-It Note Design

123Print has stunning custom sticky note designs with classic to contemporary looks and many industry-specific personalized sticky notes options including food service, pet care, and contracting. Choose from the customizable sticky notes pictures above to create one-of-a-kind personalized Post-it Notes.

How to Design Your Own Custom Post-it Notes

You can create your own sticky notes design using our current customizable Post-it Notes templates or a blank design-your-own personalized Post-it Notes template and easy-to-use digital personalizer. Here are some things you can do with our digital design-your-own tools to create your custom Post-it Notes:

  • Sticky notes with company name
  • Sticky notes with logo
  • Sticky notes with photographs
  • Sticky notes with company colors
  • Sticky notes with appointments or promotions
  • Sticky notes with essential business information
  • Personal sticky notes

How to Design Your Own Extreme Post-it Notes

Our Extreme Custom Post-it Notes can be personalized in black ink with all the customizations available for regular Post-it Notes, including your name or company name, message, logo, and more. By using our Post-it Note printing template with our digital customization tools, you can easily design original Stick-it Notes for your home or business!

Sticky Notes Sizes

We offer small, medium, and large sticky note sizes that include:

  • 3” x 3”
  • 3” x 10”
  • 4” x 3”
  • 4” x 6”
  • 10” x 3”
  • 10” x 6”

Sticky Note Pricing

Our cheap custom sticky notes offer maximum print quality, durability, and adhesiveness. We provide discount Post-it Notes made with only the highest grade materials and rich color printing. Our cheap custom Post-it Notes rival our top competitors in price but never at the cost of quality. For the best price, we recommend increasing your quantity on all Post-it Note orders. The more Post-it Notes you order, the more you save, so order your Post-it Notes in bulk today!

How Long Will it Take to Get My Printed Post-it Notes?

It takes about 24 hours from the time you order to print your custom Post-it Notes. Shipping usually takes up to three business days after your Post-its are printed. For more information on delivery times, click here.

Why Make 123Print® Your Custom Post-It Note Printer?

123Print guarantees excellent customer service, competitive custom printed Post-it Notes pricing, the highest-grade materials, and first-class printing on all of our custom printed sticky notes and Post-it Notes.

It’s time to make your selections – design your custom Post-it Notes today at 123Print!

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