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Custom RSVP Card
RSVP Cards
WR1001 - Starting At: $0.59

Forever Flourish
RSVP Cards
WR1003 - Starting At: $0.59

Plum Enchantment
RSVP Cards
WR1056 - Starting At: $0.59

Traditional Scroll
RSVP Cards
WR1046 - Starting At: $0.59

Vine of the Times
RSVP Cards
WR1005 - Starting At: $0.59

Autumn Bliss
RSVP Cards
WR1047 - Starting At: $0.59

Bridal Bloom
RSVP Cards
WR1058 - Starting At: $0.59

Plumes d'amour
RSVP Cards
WR1057 - Starting At: $0.59

Charming Elegance
RSVP Cards
WR1045 - Starting At: $0.59

Modern Love
RSVP Cards
WR1048 - Starting At: $0.59

Make Me Melt
RSVP Cards
WR1051 - Starting At: $0.59

Seafoam Serenity
RSVP Cards
WR1053 - Starting At: $0.59

Elegant Lace
RSVP Cards
WR1059 - Starting At: $0.59

Silver Scrolls
RSVP Cards
WR1028 - Starting At: $0.59

Flower in Vase
RSVP Cards
WR1050 - Starting At: $0.59

Whirling Flakes
RSVP Cards
WR1054 - Starting At: $0.59

Clear Skies Ahead
RSVP Cards
WR1049 - Starting At: $0.59

Growing with Love
RSVP Cards
WR1055 - Starting At: $0.59

Graceful Foliage
RSVP Cards
WR1060 - Starting At: $0.59

Purest Love
RSVP Cards
WR1031 - Starting At: $0.59

Say Forever
RSVP Cards
WR1052 - Starting At: $0.59

Geared Up for Love
RSVP Cards
WR1026 - Starting At: $0.59

Timeless Elegance
RSVP Cards
WR1010 - Starting At: $0.59

Wedding Simplicity
RSVP Cards
WR1036 - Starting At: $0.59

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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
60 Products Total
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Why RSVP Cards

You can include them with your wedding invitations, party invitations, or send them by themselves as invite alternatives – rsvp cards provide a classy way for guests to respond to your joyous event.

Use wedding rsvp cards as elegant reminders to friends and family, as well as close business relationships, that you want them to be there as you pledge your love. If you are throwing a holiday party, whether at home or the office, send rsvp invitations to ensure a great turnout.

Hosting a gala or fundraiser? Send out invitation RSVPs.

No matter the event, personalized reply cards with beautiful designs will stand out to your recipients.

RSVP Styles

We have many response cards templates for you to choose from. Pick from styles, patterns, and themes like:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Floral
  • Seasonal
  • Beaches
  • Peacock feathers
  • And more.

Design Your Own

You can create your own rsvp cards using any one of our response cards templates. With our digital customization tools, you can effortlessly add photos, colors, fonts, patterns, graphics, borders, event information, a logo, and even signatures to your custom RSVP cards and wedding rsvp cards. If you have a completed design that you want to upload, you can do so with our personalizer. Select our blank make your own rsvp cards template.

What size are rsvp cards?

Our rsvp card size comes standard at Horz. 5 ½” x 4 ¼”. Your rsvp envelope sizes also come standard. We include white wove envelopes free with your order, or you can upgrade to textured linen for a small fee. We also offer several paper types for your response cards including:

  • Classic Matte
  • Textured Linen
  • Pearl Shimmer
  • Ultra Thick Matte

Discount Save the Dates

Weddings and other significant events can be expensive, so it’s nice to save whenever you can – that is why we offer all kinds of discount rsvp cards for you to choose from. While the cheapest rsvp cards offered by some companies can lead to below-standard printing and durability, we provide inexpensive rsvp cards made with only the highest-grade materials and rich color printing. Our cheap rsvp cards may offer low prices but never at the expense of quality.

You can also buy your rsvp invitations in bulk. The more you order, the better the discount. Purchasing cheap rsvp cards in bulk can help you save on wedding expenses or the cost of large parties.