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Custom #10 Envelope B&W
EN1139 - Starting At: $0.10

Custom Envelope - Full Color
EN1000 - Starting At: $0.42

Custom #10 Window Envelope B&W
EN1138 - Starting At: $0.11

Simply Basic
EN1140 - Starting At: $0.10

Corporate Icon Envelope
EN1141 - Starting At: $0.10

Name Display
EN1142 - Starting At: $0.10

Black Underline
EN1147 - Starting At: $0.10

Modern Steps
EN1143 - Starting At: $0.10

Black Triangles
EN1144 - Starting At: $0.10

Classical Scrolls
EN1145 - Starting At: $0.10

Corner Black Bracket
EN1146 - Starting At: $0.10

Simply Basic Window
EN1128 - Starting At: $0.10

Colored Corporate Icon Envelope
EN1137 - Starting At: $0.42

Corporate Icon Window Envelope
EN1136 - Starting At: $0.10

Name Display Window
EN1134 - Starting At: $0.10

Black Triangles Window
EN1133 - Starting At: $0.10

Classical Scrolls Window
EN1132 - Starting At: $0.10

Black Underline Window
EN1130 - Starting At: $0.10

Corner Black Bracket Window
EN1131 - Starting At: $0.10

Circled Black
EN1125 - Starting At: $0.42

Modern Steps Window
EN1129 - Starting At: $0.10

Humble Abode
EN1126 - Starting At: $0.42

Right Stripe
EN1127 - Starting At: $0.42

Fading Brown Line
EN1123 - Starting At: $0.42

Prices shown are retail based on 100 quantity except where noted...

Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
74 Products Total
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The right mailing envelopes for your business are crucial. You can choose shipping envelopes, office envelopes, and mailing envelopes with address windows so as not to have to write each address individually, but rather print them on the letter itself. Or you can enter them digitally onto the envelopes before you print them. You can include your name, company name, or logo on your business envelopes, feature a design, border, or theme, and add stylish fonts and colors.

Business envelopes are a very important part of creating a professional brand. Taking the time and effort to brand your business is well worth it. A branded business will distinguish itself from its many competitors. It only takes a few minutes to find business envelopes you like, add your information, and get them ordered. We have designed these products to help your mailings have a more significant impact and get noticed by recipients. Choose our striking designs and see your response rate sky-rocket.

Our designs vary from sleek and simple to fun and colorful. Find what works with your industry, brand, and personality.

Paper Types

Our paper type options vary depending on the envelope that you choose.

Black and White Envelopes

  • 24# white wove stock

Full-Color Envelopes

  • 80 lb. premium textured ecru linen
  • 80 lb. premium textured white linen
  • 80 lb. premium white smooth finish

Cost of Envelopes

Our envelope pricing starts as low 10¢ per envelope for black and white printing and 91¢ for color-printed envelopes.

Additional Business Products

Business envelopes are just one of the many business products we offer. To make sure the inside of your mailing looks great too, order custom letterhead. You might also like custom business notepads and business stationery. While digital marketing is crucial, you also need to think about how your company looks on paper. 123Print is here to help.

Color Printing

We have two options to best fit your preferences and your budget. black and white printing starts at $101 for 1000 envelopes. Color-printing some flair and also an additional cost; starting at $636 for 1000 envelopes.

Features and Specifications

Black and White Printed Envelopes

  • Choice of Windowed or Not
  • Personalization is included!
  • Paper Weight: 24# White Wove
  • Plastic Window
  • Gummed v-shape flap
  • Laser and inkjet printer approved

Color-Printed Envelopes

  • Personalization is included!
  • Printing in Full-Color
  • Paper Weight: 80# Linen or 80# Smooth-Finish
  • Gummed v-shape flap
  • Laser and inkjet printer approved

Size and Dimensions

All of our envelopes are the standard #10 size. You can find details of that size as well as the window dimension and location below.

  • Envelope
    • 9 1/2" x 4 1/8"
  • Window Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 1 1/8" *Only on Black and White-Printed Envelopes
    • From Left: 7/8"
    • From Bottom: 1/2"

How long will it take to get my envelopes?

Our envelopes take up to two business days to print. Shipping takes up to an additional three business days to most of the United States. For more information on delivery times, click here.