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Extreme Post-it Notes

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Extreme Post-it® Notes

Extreme 3M Post-its are the true hard hat Post-it Notes! Our extreme products stick to anything. Extreme Post-it Notes are the most heavy-duty Post-it Notes on the market; great for indoor and outdoor use, and they’re weather resistant! Our 3M Post-it Extreme Notes come with a gloss coating and super adhesive back that make them great for construction sites, demolition projects, homebuilding, outdoor advertising, renovations, and more. 3M is the ultimate Post-it brand. Our 3M extreme products adhere to brick, plaster, metal, wood, and other surfaces that can be tough for regular Post-it Notes, but is no match for our ultra-strong Post-it Extreme Brand Products. 3M Sticky Notes are unique Post-it Notes that are very easy to remove without being harmful to your surfaces, and because our sticky notes paper is so strong you can stick, peel, and stick again!

Extreme Post-it® Note Customizations

Our Extreme Custom Post-it Notes can be personalized in black ink with your name or company name, message, logo, and more. By using our Post-it Note printing template with our simple digital customization tools, you can design original Stick-it Notes for your home or business!

Our 3M Post-it Notes come in two extreme color options:

  • Yellow
  • Orange

These cool Post-it Notes come in a pad size of 3" x 2.75" with the adhesive on the 3" side.

You can order your customizable Post-it Notes in 25 sheet custom sticky notepads or 45 sheet custom sticky notepads. Order a minimum of 250 3M Post-it brand pads or a maximum of 5000 Sticky Note 3M pads. Order Post-it products for your employees or create a Sticky Notes gift set for your favorite clients. Our unique Post-it Notes make great personal gifts too.

If you need different types of sticky notes that are a little less extreme, 123Print offers different types of Post-it Notes that include various sizes, styles, and designs; take a look at all our site has to offer!

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