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Corporate Icon Folder
Custom Folders
PF7317 - Starting At: $4.35

Custom Presentation Folder
Custom Folders
PF1000 - Starting At: $4.35

Humble Abode
Custom Folders
PF1068 - Starting At: $4.35

Right Stripe
Custom Folders
PF1069 - Starting At: $4.35

Dark Diamond Plate
Custom Folders
PF6548 - Starting At: $4.35

A Coat of Color
Custom Folders
PF7316 - Starting At: $4.35

Zipped Up
Custom Folders
PF1066 - Starting At: $4.35

Fading Brown Line
Custom Folders
PF1067 - Starting At: $4.35

Painter Tools
Custom Folders
PF1065 - Starting At: $4.35

Solid Black
Custom Folders
PF1025 - Starting At: $4.35

House To A Home
Custom Folders
PF1044 - Starting At: $4.35

Water Shadows
Custom Folders
PF1052 - Starting At: $4.35

Solid Grey
Custom Folders
PF1028 - Starting At: $4.35

Carrying Justice for All
Custom Folders
PF1038 - Starting At: $4.35

Dotted Lines
Custom Folders
PF1042 - Starting At: $4.35

Tech Universe
Custom Folders
PF1050 - Starting At: $4.35

Grey and White Bands
Custom Folders
PF1043 - Starting At: $4.35

Modern Squares
Custom Folders
PF1046 - Starting At: $4.35

United We Stand Ribbon
Custom Folders
PF1051 - Starting At: $4.35

Venetian Grey
Custom Folders
PF1035 - Starting At: $4.35

Suited for Business
Custom Folders
PF1049 - Starting At: $4.35

Done Deal
Custom Folders
PF1041 - Starting At: $4.35

Solid Yellow
Custom Folders
PF1048 - Starting At: $4.35

Marble Effect
Custom Folders
PF1045 - Starting At: $4.35

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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
39 Products Total

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Presentation Folders

For the type of business you want to run, there are presentation folders; perfect for meetings, networking events, and more. Custom presentation folders are the ideal addition to your professional portfolio binder at corporate get-togethers. Custom folders put the finishing touch on deliverables for clients and your print marketing campaign. You can even select a business card folder or custom pocket folder with additional slots to showcase your exclusive business cards. Choose custom folders that fit the style of your brand, and start personalizing your business folders today!

Custom folders with pockets are not strictly for business; you can also design custom pocket folders for gifs or to keep at home. Each presentation folder design can be crafted with endless customizations to fit your needs.

Designs and Customizations

Make pocket folders fast at 123Print with:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • And unique folders templates.

We offer industry-specific double pocket folder designs that include:

  • Real estate folders/Remax folders
  • Tax folders/tax return folders
  • Legal folders
  • Interior design presentation folders
  • Folders for schools
  • And more.


  • Marketing folders
  • Company folders
  • Business folders
  • Resume folders
  • And more!

Personalize your custom printed folders with:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Message
  • Info
  • Signatures
  • Add graphics and real photographs to any pocket folder design.
  • Include a logo for the perfect logo presentation at your next company event with each professional folder you bring!

Folder making is easy in our online digital personalizer, and so is printing folders with our fast turn-around time and shipping.

Product Specifications

Types of Folders

Our personalized folders are available in:

  • 12 pt. Uncoated Matte
  • 16 pt. Coated White Gloss with UV
  • 80 lb. textured linen


All paper folders come in a size of Vert. 9” x 12”.


Take advantage of our 5 Star folder printing. All our personal and business folders are created with high-quality full-color custom folder printing. Each presentation folder design can be printed with your personalization on the front, back, and pockets.

Custom Folders Cheap

Find presentation folders cheap at 123Print. Cheap customized folders don’t have to come at the cost of quality. 123Print puts a guarantee behind each personal custom printed folder or business folder and stands by the quality of our products. Looking for cheap folders? Increase your order count on every pocket folder design for the best discount. Ordering custom folder printing in bulk is smart, convenient, and cost-effective. The more custom folders you order, the more you save!

Design your custom presentation folders at 123Print today!