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Landscape Christmas Cards

Do you work for or own a landscaping business? Landscape Christmas cards are a great way to stay top-of-mind with customers during the holiday season. Whether you run your landscaping business the whole year through or it’s strictly seasonal, these company Christmas card ideas and business Christmas cards ideas merged with our clever landscaping card ideas will remind customers of your dedicated service and all that it provides.

You can send singular landscaping Christmas cards, create a group Christmas card to send on behalf of your landscaping team with your company Christmas card sayings or group Christmas cards to mail from your household.

Holiday Landscaping Cards

For universal greetings try our non-denominational holding landscaping cards with messages like ‘Season’s Greetings,’ ‘Happy Holidays,’ and more.


Reach out in a caring way at Christmastime with our lawn care Christmas cards, gardening cards, and landscaping cards. We have traditional customer Christmas cards, funny landscaping and funny landscaper cards, and an option to create your own landscaping yard Christmas cards.

See our landscaping card designs with Christmas and holiday themes that include:

  • Lawn Mowing Cards / Lawn Business Cards
  • Lawn Care Cards / Lawn Service Cards
  • Yard Christmas Card
  • Snow Plow Card
  • Polar Landscaping Cards
  • Landscape Greeting Cards
  • Holiday Landscaping Cards
  • Landscaping Funny Cards


You can try lawn mowing cards, gardening business cards, and landscaping cards with pre-crafted verses or your very own holiday sayings for Christmas cards. These business Christmas card ideas and holiday messages are sure to be appreciated by your mailing list. You can customize any of our landscaping cards with your company name, logo, contact info, signatures, graphics, holiday card sayings for business or personal use. Include real photographs on your landscape greeting cards too.

Product Specifications

Our lawn care greeting cards and Christmas cards landscape templates come in several different paper types that include:

  • 110 lb. Value Satin Finish
  • 130 lb. Satin Finish
  • 110 lb. Uncoated Matte
  • 130 lb. High Gloss Finish
  • 90 lb. Textured Linen
  • 100 lb. Textured Felt
  • 110 lb. Ice Pearl Metallic

Select from multiple sizes and orientations for your landscape Christmas cards and holiday business card landscaping greetings.

You can also choose different envelopes for your personal or company Christmas cards ideas that include various textures and foil linings.

Yard Work Business Cards

Want to order business cards? 123Print offers many landscaping business cards too. Take a look at our landscaping business cards examples here. Examples of lawn care business cards and lawn moving service business cards will include various clever themes, sizes, and designs. Check out all our landscaping pictures for business cards and customize your favorite business card landscaping template.

Design your landscape Christmas cards and business cards today. Order your business cards landscaping card in small quantities or Christmas greeting business cards for landscaping in bulk.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!