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Campaign Flyers & Posters

Every political campaign needs campaign flyers. Print marketing is an essential component for an election. From showing your support for a political candidate, being part of a team that represents one, or representing yourself, campaign posters will draw in your audience and get those votes. Find political posters and political flyers at 123Print with stylish designs offering excellent campaigning ideas to spread your message.

Political flyers are great for direct mail campaigns too. Mail out flyers to voters and potential voters with your political message, send mailer flyers to contributors to keep them in the loop, and mail flyers to improve your fundraising efforts. Learn how to mail flyers the right way at 123Print.

Designs and Customizations

For campaign flyer ideas, personalize your campaign posters with your name, logo, signatures, political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, or other), photos, political messaging, vote for me slogans, and more. Our unique campaign poster designs and political mailers templates are fully customizable and always eye-catching.

Choose from campaign poster ideas that include

  • Classic and contemporary designs
  • Patriotic colors (red, white, and blue)
  • American flags
  • Crests
  • And more.

You can also design your own vote for me posters using our blank campaign poster template. Each flyers sample becomes a one of a kind work of art when you use our campaign poster maker to craft your distinct designs tailored to your political voice.

Product Specifications


We provide several different size options for your campaign flyers with flyer dimensions that include:

  • Small Campaign Flyer (Vert. 3 ½” x 8 ½”)
  • Small Election Flyer ( Horz. 8 ½” x 3 ½”)
  • Letter-Size Political Flyer (Vert. 8 ½” x 11”)
  • Letter-Size Campaign Handouts (Horz. 11” x 8 ½”)
  • Election Poster (Vert. 11” x 17”)
  • Presidential Posters (Horz. 17” x 11”)

Find typical or common flyer sizes at 123Print and unique flyer size dimensions for a specialized look during your next campaign. Create handbills, political campaign posters, presidential campaign posters, vote for me posters, election flyers, direct mail flyers, and more!

Paper and Printing

Our paper for flyers is 100 lb. Gloss Text paper. Choose one-sided or two-sized full-color campaign flyer printing for your election poster ideas.

Voting Posters Ideas / School Campaign Ideas

Other uses for our political campaign flyers and posters include various political office campaigns and even school campaign ideas like class president posters ideas, homecoming campaign ideas, student council president posters, and more. You can create great school campaign posters and add your catchiest school campaign slogan right here at 123Print.

Flyers for Cheap

Print cheap flyers at 123Print, but never at the cost of quality. We suggest ordering your political campaign flyers in bulk for the best discount. Our cheap flyers printing is based on the motto that the more cheap flyers printed, the more you save. Increase your quality on all orders to get your flyers cheap!


Order flyers direct at 123Print. In a rush? Select flyers next day shipping that includes US Next Day Air and US Next Day Air 10:30 AM. We also offer:

  • US Ground
  • US 3 Day
  • US 2 Day

Free Samples

Looking for sample flyers? We will provide a free voters flyers sample so you can be confident about every order. Select up to three free flyers samples online. For additional questions, talk to our knowledgeable customer service and sales team; they are happy to assist.

Additional Campaign Materials

At 123Print, we want to be your go-to printers for campaign posters, campaign flyers, and more! Let us help you to win your next election with our stunning campaign materials that also include: