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Political Postcards

Your campaign is about to start, and print marketing will undoubtedly be part of it. Win your next election with political postcards from 123Print.

Whether sent as political mailers or handed out as political push cards, our campaign postcards give you the ability to remain top-of-mind with your voters.

Vibrant political handouts are essential at community gatherings, fundraisers, and political events. Campaign mailers spread your message efficiently and professionally while making a statement to voters at their homes or offices.

Canvass locally with political palm cards and connect to people nationwide by skipping the envelope and sending out political mail in the form of political campaign postcards from 123Print.

Political postcards can even double as political invitations, but we offer specialized political fundraising invitations here.

Designs & Customizations

Take a look at our political postcard templates for stunning political postcard ideas that you can personalize how you wish.

Each political postcard design is completely customizable. Add your name, signatures, political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, or other), photographs, political messaging or campaign slogan, and more, to any of our political postcards templates or political push cards examples.

Choose from several different fonts and graphics in our postcard generator to make your own political sign cards. Utilize our presidential campaign logo maker to upload your emblem, set it to scale, and incorporate it into your political postcard template.

Our political palm card examples and political mailers templates include:

  • Classic and contemporary political postcard templates
  • Patriotic-colored political postcards designs (red, white, and blue)
  • American flag political mailers samples
  • Postcards to voters templates
  • And more.

You can also design your own political sign cards and political campaign mailers with our blank campaign postcard template.

Product Specifications

Our political postcards come in two different sizes that include:

  • Standard Political Postcard (Horz. 5 5/8” x 4”)
  • Oversized Campaign Postcard (Horz. 8” x 5”)

We offer both single-sided and double-sided full-color printing for each political palm card template. All political postcards are printed on 120 lb. UV High Gloss paper.

  • 70 lb. White Wove
  • 80 lb. Ecru Textured Linen
  • 80 lb. White Textured Linen
  • 100 lb. Heavy Luxe Bright White

We also provide free samples of our postcards, push cards, and political campaign mailers. Select up to three free political palm card samples online. If you need additional campaign postcards, reach out to our customer service and sales team.

Additional Campaign Materials

At 123Print, we want to be your go-to political postcard printers. Let us help you to win your next election with our stunning political mailers and print marketing products that also include: