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Peppermint Ornaments Postcard
Holiday Cards
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Merry & Bright Holidays Postcard
Holiday Cards
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The Holiday Wish Postcard
Holiday Cards
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The Thankful Visitor Postcard
Holiday Cards
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Midnight Cheers
Holiday Cards
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Ornaments Galore
Holiday Cards
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Autumn Impressions
Holiday Cards
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Paisley Ornaments
Holiday Cards
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Christmas House
Holiday Cards
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Sparkling Barn Snowscene
Holiday Cards
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Golden Snowflake Gratitude
Holiday Cards
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Wreath Shine
Holiday Cards
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Shining Tree
Holiday Cards
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Winter Tree
Holiday Cards
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Colorful Holiday Wishes
Holiday Cards
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Thanksgiving Gold
Holiday Cards
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Cute Cartoon Christmas
Holiday Cards
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Company Joy
Holiday Cards
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Custom Photo Postcard
Holiday Cards
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Stunning Snowflake
Holiday Cards
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White Trees
Holiday Cards
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Lively Forest
Holiday Cards
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Incredible Ornaments
Holiday Cards
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Happy Yellow Design
Holiday Cards
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Products Per Page
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24 | 48 | 96
24 Products Total

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Christmas Postcards

Want to skip the Christmas envelope this holiday season? Try personalized Christmas postcards and custom holiday postcards for your seasonal mailings. Customizable postcards for the holiday season are a fantastic way to reach out. Create holiday postcards for businesses and make postcards for personal mailings too. Reach out to family and friends with a postcard personalized sincerely, and coworkers and customers with your genuine holiday business postcards. Design printable postcard invitations for your next holiday party and chose a postcard template for kids for their next holiday event. We have dazzling custom postcards for the holiday season featuring great designs all are sure to enjoy.

Postcards Holiday

Choose your holiday postcards personalized. Personalized holiday postcards with a message of Seasons Greetings, Happy Thanksgiving, and more, are an excellent and inclusive way to reach out to your mailing list this year. Feel free to choose from the non-denominational messages we have available or create your own unique personalized holiday postcard message.


Our custom postcards feature all sorts of Christmas and holiday designs that include:

  • Various Colors
  • Holiday Card Borders
  • Christmas and Holiday Messaging
  • Thanksgiving Postcards
  • Trees
  • Ornaments
  • Animals
  • Floral Postcards
  • Landscapes
  • Vintage Christmas Postcards
  • Postcards Templates for Kids
  • And More!

Choose any of our holiday card templates to create a business postcard, a Christmas postcard, or a holiday postcard for your family and friends.

How to Make Custom Postcards

Want to learn how to make postcards? Making your own postcards is easy and fun at 123Print! You can add all sorts of customizations to your custom postcard front and postcard back to make your own postcards. Design personalized postcards with your name or company name. Create a postcard with your logo on it. Make a postcard with your signature by uploading a digital impression. Add a custom message to your holiday card template or make your own postcards using our pre-crafted verses. Upload additional graphics to make your own postcard too.

Postcards with Photo

You can also create personalized photo postcards with your favorite photographs. Create custom photo postcards and picture postcards for everyone on your mailing list.  Each custom photo postcard is printed with high-quality inks that offer expert color-matching for DIY photo postcards and printable Christmas postcards that are perfect every time.

Design postcard photo Christmas cards, holiday cards, Thanksgiving cards, and more. Create postcard invitations for your Thanksgiving dinner, holiday events, and Christmas parties too! Add customizations to the front and back of postcard for an eye-catching direct mail piece.  Print your own postcards custom at 123Print.

How to Address a Postcard

Here’s how to label a postcard.

Place the name of your recipient and your postcard address on the right-hand side of the postcard back like this:


(Street Address)

(City, State, and Zip)

If you choose not to include the recipient’s name above the address, ensure that you include it on the left-hand side of the postcard.

Postcard Postage

Postage for postcard is typically 35 cents. You can add holiday postcard stamps for a nice finishing touch!


Each personalized Christmas postcard comes in a standard postcard size of Horz. 6” x 4”.

Postcard size standard is also the same for:

  • Postcard Holiday Cards
  • Thanksgiving Postcards
  • Holiday Photo Postcards
  • Printable Postcard Invitations
  • And More.

Personalized Postcards Cheap

Looking for personalized postcards cheap? One of the great things about custom postcards is that they are more economical than greeting cards. We also recommend increasing your quantity on all personalized postcard orders and ordering your postcards personalized in bulk. The more printable custom postcards you order, the more you save. For large personal mailings or businesses, bulk holiday postcards are a terrific way to stay prepared.

Postcard envelopes

Our postcards do not come with envelopes, as they are not required for mailing. If you would like postcard envelopes, we have several great options, including various textures and foil linings. Feel free to select postcard envelopes options you like, printed with or without addresses.

Choose, design, and print holiday postcards at 123Print today!