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Custom Save The Date
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Elegant Coral Lace
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Sunny Yellow Outlook
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Simple Bliss
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Tuxedo Black Love
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Vine of the Times
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Seafoam Ceremony Magnet
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Twilight Affair
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Pure Country
WS1004 - Starting At: $0.80

Striking Celebration
WS1034 - Starting At: $0.40

Bride & Groom Billboard
WS1002 - Starting At: $0.80

Midnight Jam
WS1023 - Starting At: $0.40

Endless Dunes
WS1014 - Starting At: $0.40

Victorian Love Story
WS1049 - Starting At: $0.40

Geared Up for Love
WS1028 - Starting At: $0.40

Romantic Swirl
WS1042 - Starting At: $0.40

Peacock Feather
WS1032 - Starting At: $0.40

Peacock Plume
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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
18 Products Total

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Choose Your Save the Date Magnets

Save the date magnets offer a great way to create custom, elegant, and unique reminders for all your important events. You can create save the date magnets for yourself, give them to the guests of a party you are hosting, notify family and friends of an upcoming occasion, or remind clients and coworkers about an important event. You can also design save the date calendar magnets to keep on your refrigerator at home or the office.

Wedding Save the Date Magnets

One of the most common ways to use save the date magnets is for wedding invitations. Wedding magnets are an excellent way to ensure that guests don’t forget about your important day.

Every time someone enters the kitchen or goes to the fridge, they will see your beautiful wedding invite magnets. Your joyous occasion is commemorated with stylish and multifunctional wedding save the date magnets that will include event information, graphics and photographs, and sophisticated design elements. Our elegant save the date magnets will display your love throughout the homes of all of your guests, in a spot that everyone can see, right on their refrigerator. Multiple times a day people will be thinking about you, thanks to custom fridge magnet wedding invitations from 123Print!

While traditional invitations and wedding invitations are still a good choice, wedding invite magnets and save the date magnets provide that extra element that makes them truly stand out. With regular wedding invites people run the risk of misplacing them, but save the date wedding magnets are sure to remain stationary and out in the open – right on the refrigerator!

Wedding magnet invites are 100% safe for surfaces – they adhere better than stickers, decals, and static clings, and will not leave behind marks.

123Print offers invitation designs with themes that include:

  • Rustic
  • Elegant
  • Creative
  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Beach wedding
  • Nautical
  • Destination Wedding
  • Create our own
  • Photo
  • And more.

Save the Date Photo Magnets

Photo save the date magnets makes a popular choice for your wedding magnet invites. You can utilize our comprehensive personalization tools to create beautiful save the date photo magnets for your event. Our state-of-the-art printing facility will ensure your colors are matched exactly, guaranteeing elegant save the date magnets, wonderful save the date photo magnets, and perfect wedding magnets every time.

Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets

You can create your own save the date magnets at 123Print by combining your personal details with our current save the date magnet templates or by choosing our blank design your own save the date magnets template. Our thorough, but easy to use customization tools will ensure you craft the perfect save the date magnets for your event. When you make your own save the date magnets you are creating one-of-a-kind commemorative pieces to share with family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers. There are endless ways to design stunning and creative save the date magnets for all your joyous occasions.

Save The Date Magnets Sale!

Weddings and other major life events can be expensive, so it’s nice to save whenever you can wherever you can, which is why we offer all kinds of discount save the date magnets for you to choose from. While cheap save the date magnets can lead to below-standard printing and durability, as well as low-grade magnetic backing for wedding invites, we offer inexpensive save the date magnets made with only the highest-quality materials and rich color printing. Our affordable save the date magnets rival our top competitors in price without even skimping on quality.

We are offering a save the date magnets sale until further notice. You can receive discount save the date magnets and cheap wedding save the date magnets by using the promo code below. This promo code entitles you to 20% off your save the date magnet purchases.

Promo code: CS20PERCENT8

Save The Date Magnet Sizes

Our save the date refrigerator magnets come in two different sizes, standard and large. The standard size is available with rounded corners.

  • Standard Magnet (Horizontal 5 ½” x 3 ½”)
  • Large Magnet (Horizontal 5 ½” x 4 ¼”)
  • Standard Rounded Magnet (Horizontal 5 ½” x 3 ½”)

Additional Pricing for Save the Date Magnets

We offer affordable save the date magnets for as low as 69¢ each. The more save the date magnets you purchase, the lower our prices. See the table below for additional save the date magnet pricing:

Standard Large
Quantity Rounded Corners Square Corners Square Corners
25 $37.51 $24.75 $27.99
50 $70.02 $54.45 $50.99
75 $97.47 $74.25 $57.98
100 $119.97 $89.10 $80.01
150 $164.97 $118.80 $103.01
200 $210.06 $148.50 $122.04
250 $249.98 $173.25 $146.03
300 $299.97 $207.90 $174.96

How Long Will It Take to Get My Custom Save the Date Magnets?

It takes about 24 hours from the time you order your magnet save the dates to complete your save the date magnets printing. Shipping usually takes up to three business days after your product(s) is (are) printed. For more information on delivery times, click here.

Why Make 123Print Your Save the Date Magnet Printers?

123Print guarantees fair pricing, the highest-grade materials, helpful customer service, and first-class printing on all of your save the date magnets and wedding save the date magnets.

It’s time to make your selections – design your custom save the date magnets today at 123Print!