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Political Door Hangers

Canvass surrounding areas with political door hangers during your next campaign. Share campaign door hangers with voters to display their pride! Political door hangers are a great addition to your outdoor advertising.

Looking for political examples for your door tags ideas?

If you can’t figure out what to say when campaigning door to door, leave a political door hanger instead; voters will find it less intrusive. An expertly-crafted printed message can go a long way!

Eye-catching campaign door hangers are perfect for political events, fundraisers, and connecting with people around your city, state, or nation.


Choose from door knob hanger designs with political examples that include:

  • Colored Doorknob Hanger
  • American Flag Door Hanger Samples
  • Door flyer template with crests
  • Door flyer template with borders
  • And more.

Our door hanger examples each come with a fully customizable door hangers template. Create door hangers with your political affiliation (Democrat, Republican, or other), signatures, photographs, campaign slogan/messaging, logo, and more.

Make Your Own Door Hanger

You can also create your own political design using our blank door hangers template.

Product Specifications

Our designer hangers are printed on 120 lb. UV High Gloss paper.

Choose single-sided or two-sided politics door hangers printing in full color. Double-sided door hangers give you 2X the opportunities to present eye-catching information to your voters. If your campaign door hangers are accidentally flipped during distribution, double-sided door hangers guarantee that your political message remains intact and visible to the public.

All doorknob hangers come in a standard size of Vert. 3 ½” x 8 ½”.

Cheap Door Hangers

Increase your order count on all political campaign door hangers for the best discount. We always recommend that you purchase your door knob signs in bulk for any upcoming election. The more paper door hangers you order, the more you save!

Political Door Hanger Printing

While you can make homemade door hangers using a Microsoft Word door hanger template and similar templates found online, 123Print® offers professional, high-quality, and expertly-crafted political door hangers for game-changing campaigns sure to win your next election.

Additional Campaign Materials

We want to be your political printers for all essential campaign materials that include:

Order your campaign materials today!